After earning an International Business bachelor’s and minor in Spanish from the George Washington University, I marketed, sold and financed large scale commercial properties in the Northeast. I learned about finishes, systems, construction, and renovation. I also discovered that quality design secured tenants and consumers by providing confidence to buyers and financiers.  Most importantly, I realized that my passion for real estate was based in discovering and communicating the hidden possibilities of each property.  My experiences taught me that design had the power to affect the emotions of potential investors, tenants, and guests entering any place of business. Polished granite floors, wood paneling, and sparkling lighting are carefully selected to stimulate a crafted emotional experience.

Earning a second degree in Interior Design has allowed me to channel my passion for visualizing potential and facilitating change. As a designer, my experience and enthusiasm are uniquely combined to create guest experiences, while maximizing investment returns.  After living abroad and traveling extensively, my design aesthetic is influenced by my love and respect for fashion, art, history, and the incredible diversity of the world. This portfolio of select projects seeks to highlight my work as a designer. Kudos include receipt of a LSU Departmental Scholarship, the LSU Board of Supervisors full tuition scholarship, and a project related scholarship granted by the HGTV famed designer, Kenneth Brown, for my Mercure Boutique hotel and restaurant project.